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30 Minute Coconut Lime Curry

I made this coconut curry not really sure what I wanted as an end result, but I really wanted to come up with a recipe that was easy, healthy, and that used pantry staples.

I ended up with a dish that fed the entire family and that also had a lot of leftovers. This coconut curry is made with red lentils (masoor dal), coconut curry, lime, curry powder, spinach, potatoes, and crispy chickpeas! The result of this concoction is perfect, whether it is for a weeknight meal or weekend indulgence. All you really need is a pot - so don't worry about any fancy tools or equipment for this one!

These are the easiest lentils to make, simply because they don't require a long soaking period nor need a pressure cooker. I washed and soaked a cup of red lentils for 30 minutes before putting in a pot over medium heat with water. Within 15 minutes of the water boiling, the lentils were cooked down and indistinguishable. After they cook down, you add the coconut milk, spices, and vegetables and just let them cook through until the veggies are ready to go.

As for the chickpeas - this is the best part. Dry out a can of chickpeas by straining them and patting them down with a paper towel. I took a pan over medium-high heat and added a little olive oil. Flash fry the chickpeas here, adding salt and garam masala for taste and texture. I added a little ghee (clarified butter) for an additional luxurious taste - but this is fully optional!

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