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Beetroot Burgers

I make these Beetroot and Oat Burgers regularly - truly! They're vegetarian (and can easily be made vegan), healthy, and super clean. They're also really easy to make for a crowd - and just look how pretty they are! Are you ready to join me?

You can used canned beetroot or freshly packaged and ready-made beetroot. If you want to use fresh, that is also totally okay - but it's obviously a bigger feat!

Don't throw out the liquid from the beetroot - instead strain it out and put it on a pot - and add sliced onions to it and cook. You'll get a beautiful, flavorful caramelized onion flavor with these.

In a food processor, take quick oats and the strained beetroot and pulse together with a fresh herbs (I used thyme) until you get a dryer, but ground meat-type texture. If you need to add more oats so the mixture isn't so wet - go ahead and do so! Then get ready to form the patties with your hands.

Use a paper towel so that any excess water gets absorbed from the patties. And if it's needed, add some oats by hand just to make sure the patties aren't too liquid!

To make the dressing, mix mayonnaise, vinegar, and more fresh herbs (thyme) together. Refrigerate for a bit so this sets nicely!

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