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15-Minute Blackened Fish Sandwich

We all need a quick meal sometimes, don't we? Especially one that goes the extra mile and gives you the gratification of something that feels like it's been given a lot of love and attention - that's exactly what this 15-minute Blackened Fish Sandwich is.

I decided to use frozen cod as my fish, but I would suggest any white fish. I used an assortment of Cajun spice, onion powder, garlic powder, and additional chili powder.

All you really need to do is get a non-stick pan, pour some olive oil in over medium heat, and get that sear in. If your fish is frozen, it may release a lot of water as it cooks - be sure to drain this out of the pan!

To make the coleslaw, I bought ready-made slaw and added lemon juice, mayonnaise, and a touch of spicy mustard for a little zing. I added cheese to the sandwich for some nice creaminess, and finished it off with a very fresh beefsteak tomatoes because we're in summer and it's in season, so why not??

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