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Chipotle Egg Salad Sandwiches

Let's all pretend we are sitting on the side of some calm waters somewhere, overlooking a peaceful horizon and eating these chipotle egg salad sandwiches. The sandwiches are fresh, they're so tasty, and they are actually pretty healthy.

The first step is to boil about 7-8 eggs in a pot - I don't ever fully cover the eggs with the boiling water. Instead, I take a pot and boil about 2 inches of water (some of the shells are above water) and then carefully place the eggs in. I boil them for about 12 minutes to get soft but cooked yolks on the inside.

Place them in an ice bath immediately to stop further cooking and to make the peeling process a lot easier. Take all the eggs and place them in a plate and start mashing. Instead of mayo, I've decided to use Greek Yogurt for a healthier version. Slice chives, add cayenne, and add chipotle paste if you have it for an additional kick!

You can honestly choose to eat this as is, as a salad. For me, I enjoy my carbs and like them in a sandwich. I use whole wheat bread and spread additional yogurt on both sides before adding the egg salad in. And that's it! It's all done, just place yourself somewhere peaceful and imagine those calm waters for company.

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