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Chipotle Salmon and Quinoa Bowls

I can't emphasize enough how good, nutritious, and easy these Chipotle Salmon & Quinoa bowls are. These bowls have come in handy when I've been in need of a last-minute weeknight meal, but when I'm still craving something delicious and satisfying. They are packed with vegetables and flavors, sat on a bed of quinoa, and finished off with a healthy Greek Yogurt Goddess dressing that ties everything in together so well.

Chop and prepare the vegetables while the quinoa and the corn is cooking so you're maximizing efficiency, and once that's done you can cook the salmon off in under 10 minutes. To do this, all you need to do is put the whole fillets in a large non-stick pan, squeeze lemon juice everywhere, and pour the chipotle sauce.

Use a spatula to break apart the salmon while it's cooking to make it look like minced meat. It's really easy to do once it starts to heat up! And that's really all there is to it.

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