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One Pan Creamy Masala Eggs

These Creamy Masala Eggs - Indian Shakshuka - are all the spices and vegetables you want to wake you up on a weekend. Tomatoes and onions come together with cumin, coriander, turmeric, and just a touch of milk to create this velvety goodness. This is a simple 20-minute dish that requires only one pan and can feed a family (or just you)!

First you add the olive oil and cumin seeds to your pan, and brown the onions and ginger. Add all the spices in, and add the tomatoes and cook them down. Let this part takes its time, as you want all the vegetables nice and soft.

I decided to add some whole milk to the mix just to give it a nice creamy and velvety taste - and it was so good! It helps cook down the vegetables even further and marry all the spices together. If you want to keep this super healthy - then you can simply skip this part. And then you're ready to crack the eggs in!

Because the base is pretty filling, we made 2 eggs per person - but there's clearly always room for more. Crack the eggs in and then cover the pan and let them cook through until the egg yolk is exactly as you like it. Then serve with toast and some yogurt and enjoy!

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