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Creamy Mustard Chicken

This Creamy Mustard Chicken is all done in one pan and it can be cooked on the stove and brought to the dinner table in less than 40 minutes. There are a multitude of flavors - mustard, champagne/wine, and caramelized onions - that come together to create this really lovely, warm concoction!

Coat the chicken in garlic powder and dredge it in some flour (GF works perfectly fine here, too). In a large non-stick pan, cook onions until they start to brown and then add the chicken in. Cook the chicken on both sides until it is browned; it doesn't have to be fully cooked through! So if you are using chicken breasts, about 5-6 minutes per side, and if you are using chicken thighs, then 8-10 minutes per side. Then, remove the chicken from the pan.

You add your champagne/wine at this point - and the purpose of this is to de-glaze the pan. So once you carefully add the champagne, use your spatula and gently scrape up the bits that are stuck to the pan. They will taste excellent as a part of the sauce! Add your mustards in - I used a combination of 3 but even 1 is okay, and then add the cream and mix.

Finally, add the chicken back in and coat it with the sauce nicely. Cover the pan with a lid and allow the chicken to cook through from the inside - this part will take some time, especially if you are using chicken thighs! To double check everything has cooked - take the thickest chicken piece and slice it with a knife, making sure there is no runny liquid on the inside. Garnish with a green of your choice, serve, and enjoy!

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