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Crispy Indian Fish | Recipe for Indian Fish Fry

This Crispy Indian dish is one of the easiest, tastiest weeknight meals that can be made for one or for a family of four. The fish in this dish is spiced with fresh chilies and whatever you have in your pantry (coriander, curry leaves), and served with a really easy side of ghee roasted chickpeas on a bed of quinoa and avocado.

The fish I chose to use for this dish was cod because of its creaminess and its ability to hold well in a frying pan, but feel free to use any white fish of your choice. The fish is coated in chickpea flour to make it crispy, so the whole recipe is gluten-free and so, so healthy even though it tastes just a little indulgent. I have even previously made this with catfish, which worked out equivalently well! So why wait? This is so worth the little effort involved!

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