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Dal Pakwan

Dal Pakwan is a classic Sindhi breakfast food, and I've been so lucky to grow up with a mom who loved to cook this all the time. It's made with a lot of love and effort, but it renders an extremely hearty, comforting meal. The dal is made using channa dal (split chickpea lentils), and lots of turmeric, ginger, tomatoes, and onions. The pakwan is what is used to scoop all those good lentils up!

Pakwan is made of all purpose flour, cumin seeds, a little olive oil, and cold water. You knead the dough and bring everything together to form a tougher ball, and let it rest. After its rested, you roll it out to a very thin round shape and use a knife to create little cuts so that it doesn't puff up. You deep fry each of the round pieces, one at a time, for 2-3 minutes each. This is seriously the BEST part. The crispy pakwan is made to scoop the soft lentils. And even though this is meant to be a breakfast food, you can eat it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

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