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Easy Vegan Queso

This vegan queso is SO good, creamy, and smokey; I have made this multiple times when I want to eat Mexican food but am looking for something a little less indulgent and gluttonous. Recently, I made a Vegan Crunchwrap supreme and felt 0 guilt when I smothered the beans in this sauce. And it really does taste like cheese, too

The best part? The sauce doesn't use any cashews, so it isn't very high in fat like most vegan cheeses are. Instead, it uses eggplant, which seriously works so well and almost gives the sauce a smokey, meaty type of flavor. I can already feel your skepticism from where you are, but just TRUST ME and give this one a try, because I promise it's worth it.

The hardest step is cutting up the eggplant and throwing it in the oven, and then you basically throw everything into the blender. The eggplant needs to cook on the inside. and outside, so all you have to do is keep an eye and cook it for a few minutes on each side and make sure it browns well. This is what gives the queso that smokey, deep flavor. The garlic, nutritional yeast, and spices all bring everything together to deliver a sauce that's quite complex and deep despite being so easy to throw together, and that's honestly why I opt for. this instead of cheese sometimes!

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