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Edamame Hummus

I made Edamame Hummus after trying it out at an airport on a stopover; I had been dreaming out since that incident. I didn't realize, myself, just how easy re-creating that concoction would be. Substituting chickpeas for edamame is a genius twist on a classic, easy, dish. And similar to the traditional hummus - it doesn't require much effort at all.

In a food processor, combine edamame beans (pre-cooked), tahini paste, parsley, garlic, salt, lemon juice, cumin powder, and coriander powder.

I was able to find the pre-packaged, pre-cooked edamame beans in the vegan section in my grocery store, right next to all the fresh herbs and greens!

Blend this until all the ingredients are combined, and add some olive oil for additional creaminess. That's literally it!

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