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Homemade Spaghetti Squash with Sun-dried Tomatoes | Recipe for Spaghetti Squash

It's a little bit insane that fall is already here, but alas - with it comes some of the best produce and vegetables of the year. While we're all unwinding from the summer (one of the most unique summer experiences we couldn't have even imagined), it feels like we are all also trying to stay centered and calm. Personally, one of the best ways I go about doing that is through eating wholesome, but very hearty food. And I'm hoping to share a ton of recipes that fall in this category with you throughout this season. Enter: Spaghetti Squash with Creamy Sun-dried Tomato Sauce.

The process of cooking sun-dried tomato sauce is a really simple one and it's very hands-off; you just have to make sure you allocate enough time to bake it off in the oven. The first thing you have to do with the spaghetti squash is chop it in half (very carefully), and then scoop out all of the seeds until you have a nice and clean inside. Poke holes with a fork around the outside just to make it easier to get the insides tender.

After that, you simply lay the the squash on a baking tray with the scooped side up. Drizzle olive oil generously and sprinkle salt. Cook for 30-40 minutes until the squash is tender and lightly browned. Meanwhile, while they are roasting off, make the simple sun-dried tomato sauce and you're almost ready to go!

The four core ingredients in this sauce are sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, basil, and garlic. In a large pot over medium heat, you can add a small portion of butter and simmer the mushrooms and garlic until they've softened, and then gradually add flour and milk until you have a nice béchamel sauce. Once you add the tomatoes, the sauce will turn this beautiful pink color. It really all comes together with the tomatoes, which bring a sweet and acidic touch to the whole dish.

Once you've cooked off the squash in the oven, you can let it cool down and then use a fork to scoop out the part that ends up looking just like spaghetti, and then throw that all into the sauce mixture. That's it! And that's really why I love fall - for simple dishes like this that really respect the ingredients. If you'd like, garnish with a little parmesan for a touch of indulgence!

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