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5-Minute Mexican-Inspired Salad

This 5-minute Mexican-inspired salad was really tasty and zesty, you would have never known that it was thrown together in such a short amount of time. My favorite part about this salad is that you can eat it on its own (it's actually quite filling), or as a side to a main dish. Throw in whatever vegetables you feel like or toss in some black beans for some additional protein. For me, I was looking for something light and crispy, so I opted to keep it just vegetables and some avocado!

There are really not that many ingredients in this simple salad - I bought ready made coleslaw just because it already comes with the shredded lettuce, cabbage, and carrots. I threw in some frozen corn that I cooked off, crumbled in tortilla chips for crunch, and added scallions for some beautiful color. The salad comes together with Greek yogurt and an array of cumin powder, chili powder, paprika, and salt. And that's all. Toss together, and serve with a side of avocado.

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