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Easy Lemon & Garlic Swiss Chard Salad

We all need a reset sometimes, especially in the beginning of the week, and especially with some greens. This is the easiest salad there is to make, hands down. It is only 4 ingredients, and it really takes Swiss Chard and morphs it into this beautiful, vibrant dish. Now that we're in Swiss Chard season, go ahead and grab it off the shelves and make this salad a part of your dinner feast!

To make this salad, all your have to do is roughly chop the swiss chard. Make sure to keep those beautiful stems, just trim off the edges. They add a nice crunchy, sweet flavor to the greens. In a pan over medium heat, add some olive oil and chopped garlic and lightly fry the garlic pieces. You then throw in the Swiss Chard and wilt it down a little bit - the wilting process makes the Swiss Chard easier to chew; I also like serving the salad semi-warm for additional depth. Finally, squeeze some lemon juice, add a touch of salt, and you're done!

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