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Thai Green Curry Pizza

We used to go to this Thai restaurant in New York which no longer exists, but which created this Thai Curry Pizza dish that was absolutely divine. Who would ever guess that a green curry paste goes SO well with creamy mozzarella cheese? If you're a skeptic, I totally understand. But I dare you to indulge me this one time and give it a go.

This dish is so, so simple too. I would suggest buying readymade pizza dough or buy pizza dough from your favorite pizzeria. Get that out of the way and the rest is basically assembly.

I love to use Thai Kitchen Green Curry Paste - the flavors are great and it's mild, so you can add your own spices as you please. To make the base, add 3 heaping tbsp of the paste and mix it with a can of coconut curry and a tbsp of soy sauce for that umami flavor. Add bell peppers in and that's LITERALLY it.

Spread the pizza base out; I usually like to make personal pan pizzas in smaller pans. Add the green curry mixture and evenly distribute the bell peppers. From there, take the mozzarella and distribute it across the pizza, and sprinkle fresh parmesan.

You place this in the oven at 360 Fahrenheit (180C) for about 20-25 minutes until the cheese is bubbling and crisp. That's it! You have your own invention at your fingertips.

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