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The Best Chicken Salad

I made this chicken salad on a whim when I was struggling with figuring out what I could make for dinner that was semi-healthy, that wouldn't take a long time, and that would be rich in protein. After looking through SO many variations of Chicken Salad recipes, I decided to make my own little version with a twist. It was so good, and so easy.

You can whip this up in just under an hour, and most of that hour goes into boiling the chicken. The recipe calls for using a LOT of staple ingredients and there are always ways to substitute. I used thawed frozen chicken thigh meat and kept the stock I boiled the chicken in for later use! Once the chicken is shredded off the bone, you simply just mix with the other ingredients, serve on a bed of greens, and enjoy!

And the secret ingredient to success? Well - cream cheese! It added a nice tart, creamy flavor to the overall composition of the chicken salad. Just a few tablespoons went a long way!

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