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Turmeric Rice Veggie Bowls

I make a lot of Harvest Bowls - a LOT! There are plenty of reasons too - for one, they are super healthy, and by the time Monday rolls around my body is craving CLEAN food. They can be mixed and matched with so many vegetables and grains, so you can use literally whatever is leftover in your fridge or pantry. And finally, all you really need is a good dressing to bring it all together in the end.

This time, instead of going for a healthy quinoa base, I decided to use rice as the base. My aunt makes this amazing turmeric and cumin rice which could literally be eaten on its own or with some plain yogurt. But then I added these vegetables and tahini sauce on top and it was all the more flavorful when combined with the rice.

I highly encourage making this at home - you can make it in bulk and do it as a meal prep for the week, make it for your family, or simply make one portion for yourself! Just divide or multiply the recipe exactly as needed, and here it is:

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