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White Chocolate Bombs | DIY Hot Chocolate Bombs Recipe

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

I am pretty sure that for all the food trends that have sprung out of 2020 and 2021, the hot chocolate bombs trend is here to stay. And why not? There are so many fun things about making or buying these, including:

  • Being able to create different shapes

  • Making the hot chocolate experience so creative and unique

  • Tailoring the recipe to your own desires, adding whatever type of chocolate you like or filling in desired spices

  • Decorating these already beautiful pieces whichever way you'd like

  • Serving them at intimate gatherings

I decided to create my own twist to the recipe by using white chocolate instead of milk or dark chocolate, and adding some warm Indian spices to the inside. Besides that, I followed the traditional steps to create the molds. I was able to snatch the mold tray from Amazon - the link is right here! Despite the molds being heart-shaped, I am pretty sure that I am going to be using these all year round. The mold is super durable and made from silicone, so it is really flexible and stores in the freezer well, and also allows the chocolate to pop out pretty easily!

I always prefer to melt my chocolate by creating a double boiler rather than putting it into the microwave, simply because you get to watch the chocolate melt and can prevent it from burning. Each microwave has its own strength, and therefore makes it much harder to control via a recipe!

The most important step - and the lesson I learned the first time trying this recipe - is to coat the mold with melted white chocolate twice. It only adds 10 more minutes so it's worth it, and all you have to do is line the mold with white chocolate, stick in the freezer for 7 minutes, line it with white chocolate again, stick it in the freezer for 7 minutes, and then pop it out once the chocolate has hardened.

Taking this extra steps makes it much easier to pop the chocolate out and prevents it from shattering into tiny pieces, so don't miss this part!

And don't forget to decorate it however you'd like!

Once you've popped the molds out, fill them however you'd like! In my case, I chose to use TONS of marshmallows, cocoa powder, cinnamon, and cardamom powder. I didn't add any additional sugar because white chocolate tends to be on the sweeter side, as it is.

Once half of your molds are filled with the hot chocolate mixture, use a hot plate (microwaved for about 20 seconds) to even out the edges and seal the molds shut while they are melted.

Additional tip: If you need to seal your chocolate molds further, grab a spoon and run it under very hot water. Then run the back around the edges of the molds and the edges will start to melt in together. Let it rest for a couple of minutes before pouring that hot milk on top!

Check out the quick video tutorial here:

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